AR Plan 3D Ruler measurement app APK file. Download the Apk file for free now.


AR Plan 3D Ruler measurement app APK file. This app uses augmented reality (AR) technology for quick room measurement. It allows laying virtual tape measure ruler on real surfaces. Also, it makes the measurement process and 3D floor plan creation much easy and fast. By using the AR Plan 3D ruler app, you can easily Tape measure the perimeter and height of the room in Metric or Imperial units ( mm ruler app, cm, m, inch ruler app, feet, yard). you can easily Tape measure doors and windows. Automatically calculate perimeter, floor square, walls square, and other values, which might be useful for construction materials quantity estimations. you can also create the 3D floor plan of the room with all measured dimensions. you can very easily make a classic floor plan. By using a 2D Side view Floor planner you can create a side view floor plan. Store floor plan measurements in a Floor planner Archive. You can simply Share floor plan measurements via email, message, social network, etc. . This Amazing AR Plan 3D app is useful for everyone and can be particularly useful for interior designers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts. This application saves their work time. Thank you so much for Downloading free Measurement APK files from the website. Download the Apk file for free now.

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