HOVER is the best accurate Measurement app. Download the APK file now.


HOVER is the best accurate Measurement app. It transforms smartphone photos of any property into a fully measured 3D model. Accurate exterior measurements to the inch for the roof and all elevations from as few as 8 smartphone photos. Trusted contractors and adjusters use this HOVER app to provide accurate and transparent estimates, eliminating extra trips to the job site, and removing human error. Now you can wow homeowners and help them understand their quotes by showing them real products like shingles, siding, or windows on their home, beautifully rendered in 3D. Put down the calculator and get more than just roof squares. HOVER delivers surface area and linear feet for materials like siding, soffit, fascia, gutters & downspouts, and more. This Hover measurement app is very useful for Civil engineers, Architects, structural engineers to measure objects easily and fast. It saves their work time. Also, it is very helpful for the people who need to take accurate measurements. Thank you so much for Downloading free Measurement APK files from the cadbull.com website. Download the Apk file for free now.

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