Full fresh air (primary unit) type air handling unit arrangement .


Here typical fan coil unit control working filter , supply fan , cooling coil , electric heater The fan coil units are connected to either a heating coil, a cooling coil or both heating and cooling coil. These will condition the air. A motorized fan inside the fan coil will then force the air out into some smaller, localised, ducts to strategically distribute the air within the room. Temperature control is achieved by modulating control valves for the hot and chilled water. There is typically one or two fan coils per housing unit. Each fan coil has its own thermostat so each space has individual temperature control. The basic components of a fan coil unit are a heating/cooling coil, fan section, and a filter. Units may stand alone within a single space or be ducted to serve multiple spaces, and can be controlled by a manual switch, thermostat, or building management system. for more details download file.

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