Hot and cold water piping layout.


This Architectural Drawing is plan of Hot and cold water piping layout. The cold water service line slopes away from the water heater after splitting from the main line. Instead of sending water through the heater, cold water service lines run directly to every water appliance in the home. One pipe carries the cold water to a water heater. From there, a hot water line moves the heated water to the fixtures and appliances that require hot water. The thermostat on the heater adjusts the device's heating elements to keep your water at the desired temperature. Here are four reasons, other than freezing temperatures, to insulate water supply pipes, Reduce Pest Attraction, Reduce Moisture Problems, Improve Energy Efficiency, Take Comfortable Showers. Insulation in your home provides resistance to heat flow and lowers your heating and cooling costs. Properly insulating your home not only reduces heating and cooling costs, but also improves comfort. For more information and knowledge download the drawing file.

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