Residence House with Construction plan


Residence House with Construction plan dwg file. The records for sewer, are boxes of concrete, masonry or other material, built on the line of the sewer, whose main function is to give access to the pipeline for dissolve, cleaning or revision and facilitate the connection of other pipelines. 1.- The minimum dimensions for sewer records are 40 x 60 cm. 2.- For records with depths greater than 1.0 m. up to 1.50 m., they will be of circular type, with minimum interior dimensions of 60 cm. of diameter in the base or drag level, for depths greater than 1.50 m. Visit wells will be made, subject to what is specified in the project, in the standards and specifications of facilities. 3.- The lid can be blind, with frame and frame of iron or structural steel. 4.- The interior finish of the walls should have a smooth and resistant surface, if it is an annealing wall or mud, it will be covered with a mortar-cement leveling in a 1: 5 ratio with a minimum thickness of 1 cm. with the bottom corners boleadas (with bottle). Finished fine cement, polished with metallic wool. 5.- On the sign of the bottom of the register, the walls of annealed red partition will be moved, finishing the upper part of the walls with a perimeter chain of reinforced concrete, as indicated by the project. 6 .- In the case of records for sewers, the bottom will carry a half pipe from the same drainage pipe or in the process of casting the firm, the half rods will be built. 7.- It is recommended to use cement block, instead of common red partition, especially in those cases where the ground is humid or salty, due to the greater resistance to the degradation of the cement block.

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