Interior Design of Office


Floor national porcelain .45 x .45 beige colored elegance Glass enclosure · 10 mm colorless live a swinging blade system. The Stake will be consulted in the designer work • Office furniture in melamine glass and aluminum applications see details in lamin A-3 · Blind executive PVC white. · LCD 42 "rectangular display. · Dichroic Dichroic directional light and warm · The perimeter rails subject by suspending cables every 0.45m. · The plates shall be subject to the profiles by screws liner 1 "every 0.42m. · The connection between all profiles will screw type framer 7/16 ". · The joints between the plates of Gyplac Serra paper tape or fiberglass boards, which will be coated with a sealing compound, and eventually will be painted according to the technical specifications of architecture · Interior Color in Soft Grey · MDF color to choose

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