Of all the conversations I’ve had regarding my own journey, most come from two “classes” of modern-day society. One class are the people who have jobs or live in a part of a “moderate/high income society”. Houses in Granada Spain Mi casa, es su casa … so long as you meet all the requirements and actually want to live here Those that might be reading this on their work computer, on a phone, iPad or laptop on a daily commute, or at home after a long day looking for a bit of off time escapism. There are also those who are looking for inspiration for reboots in life or that final push that sets them off a similar track. The other sector comes from those reading this at home during the day or middle of the night, from a “lower income part of society”. Generally people from this side of things may not be working full-time jobs and are searching for visa information, jobs overseas, immigration laws and education overseas. Either way, in terms of the “home” subject matter these are the “type” of people who tend to email me.

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