Ruler a simple, user-friendly measurement mobile app. Download the APK files now.


The ruler is a simple, user-friendly, and accurate ruler measurement app for your phone. Use a coin or a credit card to calibrate the ruler anywhere, when you don’t have a real ruler with you. Calibrate your ruler with a credit card to get you started anytime, anywhere This app is Ad-free, for real, forever. Pick your units like fractional inches, centimeters, decimal inches, or millimeters. If you Don't have a credit card with you. Calibrate you can easily ruler with a coin. Simply Calibrate your ruler with a real ruler to achieve the best precision in your measurement transfers. Just manually set the ruler to a known length for accurate measurements. This app having Night mode to save battery (on AMOLED screens) and to relieve your eyes at night. You can save your measurements for future use. Moreover, No permission required. This Ruler app is very useful for Civil engineers, Architects, structural engineers to measure objects easily and fast. It saves their work time. Also, it is very helpful for the people who need to take any measurement. Thank you so much for Downloading free Measurement APK files from the website. Download the Apk file for free now.

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