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Measure Map Lite lets you quickly. You can easily draw polygons and measure distances, perimeters, and areas over Google Maps and many other map sources with laser-sharp precision. It even takes into account the curvature of the earth’s surface. Use it for small areas or large, then share your findings via any sharing app on your device. You may be an architect, a sports enthusiast, or a geography hobbyist, it doesn't matter why you have a keen interest in accurate distances. It just matters that you have the tools to satisfy your need to know them. The Measure Map is for, to put a powerful, portable measuring tool right in the palm of your hand. Your Android mobile device can now provide you with totally precise measurements of any distance. As small as a meter to as big as thousands of kilometers or miles, even taking the curvature of the earth’s surface into account when measuring. It does all that, fast and effortlessly. You do need a degree to take advantage of what Measure Map offers. Just drag the cross-hair, plunk pins in to mark the area you want to be measured. It’s done. The Magic button allows you to input points more easily without losing its professional accuracy. The app measures any distance, area or route, over Maps. Want to calculate your drive on the golf course, or maybe find out the distance of that marathon you’re thinking of entering. Need to know the size of a parcel of arable land for your company. You can do that, too. Why still waiting? Download the APK files now.

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