Fields area Measure is a smart tool for measuring areas on the map.


Fields area Measure is a smart tool for measuring areas on the map. This GPS area measurement app takes into account the World's geodesic structure and serves highly accurate area and distance measurement information. For area measurement, you need to insert points on the map. Measuring on the land is a very hard task and it takes so much time for measuring. And also it required more people for measurement and precision instruments for them. In the old period, people can measure with rope and scale, bypassing time they using measuring taps and nowadays the measurement is done by Internet-based GPS system. This application is simple to use and easily calculate area or perimeter with the help of this GPS Fields Area Measure, Area Calculator for land application. This GPS Fields Area Measure app for land provides you data from Google maps and GPS-based measurement. By using GPS or the Internet you can easily measure a large area in a very small time and very few instruments and no other staff or people required for measurement. This app is very accurate and less error than hand measurement. Farmers can quickly measure their farm area or harvest area in just one click by using this app. The government also can take a survey of any rain-flooded area, drought, land measuring survey, marking forest area or measure green cover in the city, and many other things can do by using this app. It's an easy tool for paddock calculation and measuring. This app is useful for civil engineers, Architects, and farmers. You can download the free APK file of this mobile app here. Download Now.

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